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🫒Fruit- Looking Beyond Emptiness

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

What motivates an individual to put seed in the ground, to labor weeks, sometimes months before they expect any fruit for their labor? The sower “sees” the fruit and that outcome becomes the focus. The sower PLANS. Horizontally, or vertically, the gardener figures out how to get the most out of the rows and space they have. Finally, the sower reaches a clear, detailed vision. However, they understand that the future begins with the plow. Fallow ground must be prepared first. Turning the soil is a very necessary first step. Then planting, nurturing, and harvesting the fruit of the plant are all attentive sequential ACTIONS that follow. Proper steps transforms the DESIRE that once stirred there in that empty, dusty garden, to bring it into a season of fruition and bounty.

I believe that every brother and sister in Yeshua desires to DO something for the Kingdom. But many feel stuck, unsure where to start or what to do. Believers can have very specific dreams about what they’d like to accomplish, but for whatever reason, they keep putting it off. When does your future start; this evening, tomorrow, next month, next year, five years from now? The future begins today. Maybe we know what our strengths & abilities are, but whatever "it” is, the Father has placed within you, that “natural ability” you truly ENJOY doing, DO it for Elohim, do it with zeal and excellence, and if you haven't yet, start today!

When we begin this set-apart walk, the Father places NEW desires in our hearts and will to DO them. Philippians 2:13, “For YHVH is working in you, giving you the DESIRE and the power to DO what pleases Him.” He GIVES us the desire! START making your plan NOW. Look at your desires or your goals for the Kingdom, like the farmer views the empty plot of land that’s currently dry, dusty, hard, or even muddy. Give those divinely-placed desires fresh eyes. The energizing momentum of faith propels us forward, and the expectation of the fruit WILL COME.

Start making preparations. Begin preparing “the soil” for the desire YHVH has placed within your heart for His Kingdom purposes. Make a plan, gather supplies, make necessary contacts, get involved in a group doing the same thing but START acting. Acting on your Kingdom goals and dreams that the Father planted within your heart is one of the best things you can DO for your mental state, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Whatever “it” is, much like Queen Esther, each was born in this era, “for such a time as THIS.” The future starts now. Fruit begins with our hand to the plow. If the coming year looks any different from all the others, we must PLAN to have a productive year for YeHoVaH and start ACTING on it!

There are also lots of opportunities for creating new friendships and encouragement for those transitioning out of denominationalism and manufactured man-made traditions. Stay inspired and keep your hand to the plow. The best time to ACT, create, and start DOING, is TODAY. It's always planting season, and the FRUIT of the future begins TODAY!

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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