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💧Buckets And Thimbles

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

On the seventh day of each week, as commanded, we devote our time to rest, reverence, and relationship with our Heavenly Creator. By sunset, we end with much needed fresh water in our buckets. By keeping Shabbat a set-apart day, we're refilled, which gives us something to draw out of for the rest of the week and boy, can this world be draining!

Bewildered, I've wondered why some folks are negative for much of their lives. Miserable, grumpy, critical folks, with not one nugget to offer others in terms of niceties, smiles, or encouragement. After mulling it over, I realized they can't- there's nothing in their "buckets" (hearts) to give; in fact they don't even have a bucket. Instead, they've settled for a meager measure, a small, tiny thimble of water; they have what I call a "thimble mentality.”

YaHoVah Elohim has deep wells, infinite oceans, massive unseen aquafers, waiting for thirsty souls. His abundance is limitless! On Sabbaths we stand under His waterfalls, swim in His pools of mercy, and eat of His Word. Once sundown falls, and Shabbat ends, we feel rested and revived in body, mind, and soul. We devoted the day (as instructed) in direct relationship, which serves as a sign between us, and our Heavenly Father, that we're in an everlasting Covenant together. We exit Shabbat with a fresh outlook. We point the way to others, should they choose to set everything else aside for the day, and join in.


The ability to comfort and encourage others comes from keeping the Father's instructions (Torah), honoring His Commandments, and actively engaging in the curriculum of annual Feasts and weekly Sabbaths. These heart-habits fill us up; we can't help but run-over! Ever walked with a FULL bucket of water; it always spills and sloshes out. Just like that brimming bucket, we can't help but spill what we're full of. Look only to Elohim whose vast well is far more immense than any other, and springs eternal for frequent refilling.

Sometimes, two "thimbles" marry. Eventually one becomes dissatisfied, trading in their shallow thimble of droplets, for a much bigger, deeper bucket. Now, it's heaviest where the bucket is carried, but, that same container has more in it to share with others. If you're the bucket-holder don't be discouraged; someone needed to be first!

The Ezer Kenegdo role discovers the real PURPOSE of her feminine beauty. She's a reservoir of living water for those that are thirsty. When presented with the opportunity, she shares, with all the love, compassion, and hospitality that’s necessary for each situation, always pointing back to the living well as her source. It's also true for the fellas; everyone benefits from the one carrying all that water (Torah).

We can only give and share the "wisdom of the water" if our bucket is full. Hopefully, the "thimbles" in our lives might eventually become thirsty enough to grab a bucket and join us. Perhaps, eventually they'll come along, where torrents of fresh, exhilarating, water flows for every yielded vessel desiring to be filled.

If this resonated, leave a co with you, leave a comment to let me know you were here. I enjoy your thoughts and perspectives too.


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