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🗓 EXTENDED SICKNESS- Confidence, Patience + Prayer


Normally, coming out of a long extended season of sickness there's many lessons and truths to glean from such a time of testing. For 2 solid weeks I was flat in bed and breathing deep was impossible. The next 2 weeks I sat on the edge of the bed intermittently as much as I could, and the last 2 weeks I began to do tiny, small tasks and slowly rebuild my strength. After six intense weeks, I finally woke one morning to zero issues! For over a month, much of which was in bed, my day arrived to shake off the chains of infirmity, clean up, and get focused on the everyday tasks of living.

The sun was bright, and a song of GRATEFULNESS filled my heart, afresh and new! My stamina needed to be built back up, but YHVH is faithful and I knew it would come. My husband went to work at 5’ish am; when I got up, it was just my fluff ball kitty's and me. I began to realize as soon as I opened my eyes, nothing was wrong on this long awaited morning! I was actually enjoying my 1st cup of coffee in over a month! In my 60+ yrs. I've NEVER had anything knock me flat like the flu of 2022 did, for so-o, so long. After this ordeal, the faithfulness of my King as the Great Physician became a testimony I simply had to share, as well as some observations, warnings and lessons learned! This is my experience from the winter of 2022.

PRAYER, PRAYER, AND MORE PRAYER- I PRAYED CONTINUOSLY FOR 6 WEEKS- There's 8 areas that were the continual meditation of my heart. It's here, I chose to keep my mind and prayers centered.

- Prov. 23:7- "As a man thinketh, so is he."

- Jeremiah. 1:12- YHVH watches over His Word to perform it.

- Isaiah 26:3-4 - "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.

1-YESHUA, RAPHA, OUR HEALER- I thanked YHVH for the ETERNAL work that Yeshua did! That HE alone is MY Great Physician, and NO ONE else.

2- FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE- I thanked YHVH for a body, fashioned by His hands, that inherently knows what to do and how to be at peace even when sick, and most importantly, has more intelligence in EVERY CELL, than I do between my ears!

3- AN ACTUAL BED OF MY OWN TO LAY ON- I thanked YHVH for the clean white sheets, I've rolled around on, yes, they were laundered often. For EVERY pillow to pull, push, and place exactly where I needed it, when I needed it. I thanked YHVH for the snow white fluffy down comforter that gently cradled me like a baby while my body was warring against SO MUCH, day in, and day out, weak and struggling to get a deep breath.

4- MY ENVIRONMENT- I thanked YHVH for a quiet house, where constant duties didn't pull at my ability to rest. I didn't like it, but I was GIFTED the ENVIRONMENT to recover, and I was SO grateful for the stillness.


5- PEOPLE WHO CARED- I thanked YHVH for EVERY time my daughter and husband called to ask, "do you need anything?" They kept me in fresh citrus, hot soup as I began to recover, tissues, and anything else I asked for.


6- WEATHER CONDUSIVE TO REST- I thanked YHVH for every gray, cloudy, cold, blustery, wet and windy day that actually helped by allowing my body to rest better, and focus on "BE STILL, and KNOW, THAT I AM YOUR ELOHIM!


7- HIS WORD CAN NOT RETURN VOID- I thanked YHVH for my sisters who were praying for me, that angels were set to flight, and that I was NOT languishing with no hope. I trusted, waited and endured, with a HAPPY heart. The Ruach Ha’Kodesh reminded me CONSTANTLY, to "REJOICE!! And again, I say REJOICE!" Her quiet, continual voice and presence, kept the eyes and attention of my heart focused on the GOOD, tender-loving MERCIES of my Father, YeHoVaH. I was confident He would not abandon me or His promises.


The ATTITUDE of our heart during sickness is key to our recovery. The attitude we carry, can be greatly affected by those around us. Be thankful for a shut door and isolation. The world calls it, "quarantine" but never discount the power of "being still," meditating on His Word, and  forbidding fear to slide in through the voices of well-meaning people around us.

WHAT IF, every single individual across the earth had a WITNESS FOR ELOHIM, lifted YESHUA as "The Great Physician," and spoke of HIS FAITHFULNESS, instead of presenting themselves to doctors for their sorceries (pharmakeia / fallen-angel technology)?! WHAT IF every "case" of winter crud was attributed to building our body's IMMUNITY and DEFENSES from future attacks, and NOT SUCCUMB TO FEAR AND HYSTERIA, BUT TO REJOICE INSTEAD, and WAIT upon YHVH, as our faithful Healer.

BEWARE- Well-Intended Yet Dangerous Voices-

The following 4 messages came to my bedside almost daily; voices that didn't aligned with faith, were fear-based, and were frankly- dangerous.

  • "YOU NEED TO TAKE MORE OTC  MED'S." Nope. I knew that too much over-the-counter med's are actually counter-productive. Over medicating can suppress necessary coughing which loosens and rids the lungs of oxygen depriving phlegm. OTC drugs most often induce extreme drowsiness. Staying sleepy and horizontal in bed too much will cause prolonged and sometimes worsening congestion, headaches, intense sinus pressure, and interferes with our natural circadian rhythm for sleep.

  • "EAT!" THEY SAID. Nope, instead, FAST! The body TELLS us when to fast; LISTEN to your body. Our body has its own intelligence; it's the Ruach that dwells in our body (Temple) that confirms what we need, how much and when. Our body wants to detox. Seven days of 2 pcs. of dry toast was GOOD for me. I stayed hydrated, but had no appetite.

  • "GO TO THE DOCTOR" they said. Nope, I didn't want to go. My family however finally wore me down after 10 days into this feverish, short-winded saga. I reluctantly agreed to get them (son, daughter, husband) off my back, and told them it was a waste of time; that my body was just "at war," but given time, I'd be alright. With help, I lumbered out of bed, and to stop the insistent lecturing, I got into the car. I was absolutely prepared to say "NO" if the doctor wanted to send me to the hospital, and told my family so before going. My family thought maybe I might get an antibiotic prescribed, but no. This medical "professional" saw no reason to prescribe a simple antibiotic for someone that had shallow breathing, not eating, and had a fever for 10 days. The physician asked me if I had been vaxxed. When I said "no," he abruptly turned and said, "well, that's what happens!" He was rude and told me to go home. I was angry with myself for going to begin with, and too short-winded to give my husband the, "I told you so." I knew then for sure, YHVH was not only validating my where-with-all to WAIT upon Him, but was going to prove Himself, and His Word, to my family. And honestly, there was a part of me that loved that. I stayed in my bedroom for another 4 weeks, praying, listening to worship music, Scripture readings, stared at the plaque of Hebrew letters that spelled Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey, and and I was good with it. Leaving the “doctor” with no meds, was the best way for the Father to show up, and not share His glory with any other. I regretted allowing my family to hound me into going, but went back to my bed, and picked up where I left off. I had already decided that if I was to die, it would be because YeHoVaH decided my "job" was done, and my "course" was finished, but it wouldn't be at the hand of a "white-coat," needle, or ventilator. With complete, unfettered confidence, I placed my outcome in my Father's hands, thanked Yeshua for my healing and deliverance, and had complete Shalom. Needless to say, it was hard for my family to watch. But my life, my faith, my decision, was centered on the Word; what I considered to be infallible, perfect, and everlasting, without question.

  • AND THE GRAND FINALE- "YOU NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL." ABSOLUTELY NOT. More empty FAITH-LESS words from family, and dangerous advise at that. This message came about 3 weeks into my 6 week ordeal; a week or so after the worthless trip to the doctor, they insisted on. Since all this happened, the reports have came rolling in, of many knowledgeable professionals worldwide, that refused to go along with hospital protocols, that were taking people "out" (and not to lunch). The widespread medical criminality, physician kickbacks, windfall profits, and the sheer wickedness of  Babylon's beastly, "death-care" system makes hospitals the LAST place to go when we're weak and vulnerable- and I knew it. I felt sure if I entered a hospital, I wouldn't come home- ever. Not only is the advocacy of family not allowed, but in most instances, no one gets past the doors once they close behind you. At that point "patients" become a hostage to "the system."

THE FINISH LINE- My environment at home, bathed with Scripture readings, music of praise and worship, prayer, OTC meds, electrolyte water, toast, oranges, broth, Advil, and patiently waiting for my complete healing to come, finally ushered me into regained health, and complete recovery. The Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and ministering angels, kept my mind, body and soul, at peace. My Heavenly Royal family, through the completed work of Yeshua, absolutely made me whole. All glory, and esteem to YeHoVaH, my Father- the "Ancient of days," and Yeshua, my Messiah, Lord and Righteous King! They are faithful, and His Word endures forever!

FINDING HOLISTIC ALTERNATIVES- If a health professional becomes part of the thought process, it's far better to be aligned with a holistic practioner that respects your intelligence, welcomes your questions, encourages the positive support of family, and recommends nutrition and common sense, instead of deadly poisonous FDA and CDC approved "protocols" that shut down organs, and lead to certain death.

The time to find these holistic professionals is before they're needed. Never submit your healthcare to the "practices" of all the robotic drones in white-coats, that like parrots, repeat the same insensible jargon over-and over. They work for the Babylonian, eugenics system, NOT the patient. They bully, intimadate, and marginalize believers, not to mention the labeling of those "with faith" as unrealistic, unreasonable, or "unstable." Trusting the people behind a staff wrapped with a snake, who take a HIPOCRATIC OATH, of "Do no harm" is a ruse whose time is up! The FDA is the god they bow to, not me.

Many doctors, researchers, and nurses have given up dedicated careers they loved, and many permanently "silenced," to report the malpractice and unnecessary, intentional deaths of millions worldwide. There's loads of reports and lawsuits spawned from hospitals denying life-saving medications, and adhering to the CDC and FDA dictated protocols that made death very PROFITABLE for the institution.

I've noticed that many who say they trust the Heavenly Father as the only one they believe and confess, and the authority of Yeshua and the POWER of His blood, seem to trust Elohim only when they're healthy; so WHY do so many Christians diminish and shrink into doubtful, fearful people when they're not healthy? If the trust is authentic why the "cave-in" when they're physically tested?


  • Seven days of 2 pcs. of dry toast was GOOD for me. Yes, stay hydrated which should be common sense; electrolytes are essential, food is not.

  • His Ways are not our ways, and I trust Him to deliver me with either life, or death, either one is deliverance! Life and death is under HIS ATHORITY, but it's His way, His timing, for His purposes, HE decides. He will allow me to expire when HIS WORK through me, is finished, I'm good with it, and wouldn’t have it any other way

  • Why is it, that Israel suffers from such apathy when challenged with sickness? ISRAEL stands best when it looks like we've been knocked off our feet, and off of our footing! When laying flat in bed, "others" can't discern the spiritual principles at work. It looks like our feet has been knocked out from under us, and our  crown (testimony) is sideways, because "they" can’t comprehend that we're STANDING on the inside, patiently WAITING, and BELIEVING, because we know WHO we're in and who we belong to. The Covenant of Love, and the voice inside us is the ONLY VOICE we choose to hear.

  • We either turn "to" these wicked systems of "death, hell, and the grave" or, we turn to THE ONE THAT HOLDS THE KEYS of death, hell and the grave, YESHUA!

Israel will continue to be sifted, to separate YHVH’S valuable "wheat" from the double-minded, doubtful, and fearful. These, will not inherit the Kingdom of Elohim, as stated in Rev. 21:8. I also remember that, "a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1:8.

The mind is a mailbox; it gets junk-mail everyday, which doesn't receive any dignity, nor is it opened; it gets ripped up, and burned by the consuming fire of His Word.

What do we consider valid messages? Only vetted sources has my consideration. Those that demonstrate the courage to stand for Truth, respects the sanctity of life, willing to bear the cross of criticism or being ostracized, those that risk it all, will have my ear. The Holy Scriptures should have the "gates of our eyes," and be written upon our heart; its words- etched into our memory, and intertwined into every decision. This holds true ESPECIALLY for pivotal decisions that can determine our very life or death.


WAIT upon Elohim; and let Patience have her perfect work- (James 1:4). We can't allow well-intended voices to influence us or cause us to be doubtful; even family. We should never allow those closest to us to have more influence over our heart than the Word of The Most-High.

1Cor. 6:19-20, Know ye not, that your body is a TEMPLE of YHVH? Who are we listening to? Don't YIELD your Temple to wicked systems that seek only to do the will of their task-masters; to steal, kill, and destroy! These people have LAWFUL entry to our body, only if we SUBMIT and give it to them. Untold multitudes of "good" people have lost the fight by YEILDING themselves to the wicked system of greed, and obedient drones with stethoscopes needles, and Rx pads. I've watched 4 family members disintegrate and die due to their explicit faith in doctors that only made them weaker, and sicker.

"When the foundations have been destroyed, what can the righteous do?" We can lift up our head, to the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and stand STEADFAST in whom we BELONG to!

STAND IN THE COVENANT ISRAEL! Stand in THE Covenant we talk so much about, and confess; the same Covenant we TRUST our eternal souls to! If we confess anything concerning our faith, we’ll be TESTED on it; only the vetted by way of testing will enter His Kingdom. Those that hold fast to His Word, believing ONLY the Father as our final authority, will be called His family. We should EXPECT our confession to be vetted and tested for hypocrisy. Anyone can make a confession, it's what we DO with that confession that matters.

Especially in sickness, we should TRUST the Word of YAH with all of our heart. Through the Word, our Father gives us wisdom and discernment, so why do we allow the enemy to render us "tone-deaf" when challenged physically? Our body communicates the need for fasting, hydration, bedrest, sunshine, and fresh air. Patiently allowing the time required for healing as our Lord sees fit, is activating the Word within us.

COURAGE- Impatience, anxiety, fear and giving sway to messages contrary to the leading of the Holy Spirit is dangerous. Even though the body is weak, the inner man stands up, by way of the Spirit, exhibits courage, fortitude and rests in the hands of its' Creator- We should display absolute confidence and TRUST in the one that made and inhabits our Temple!

My hope is the words here gives validation to someone, and encourages followers of Christ to stand faithfully when sick; doing so becomes a powerful testimony to others. Standing firm is not to our glory, but to that of Yeshua our Sovereign and Righteous King, the Rock of our Salvation, our magnificent Prince of Peace, and our very capable, masterful Great Physician! With everything we have, with every ounce of energy we possess, especially when we're weak and our health is compromised, trust in the blood of Yeshua, to be enough! His promises are eternal and His goodness toward us is proven, unshakable and everlasting!

If this has blessed you in any way, please let me know you were here. It's a blessing to read your comments & I enjoy your perspectives too. To The King! -Shalom

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