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Living With Purpose


After a number of life-changing events and a very encouraging conversation with a dear sister in YHVH that prompted me to do a blog, I decided to launch Kingdom Spot Perspectives Since then, I've put my heart into this project, sharing my thoughts and perspectives as one who seeks first to please my King, Yeshua. I've moved my archived pieces to this blog so the majority of my writings are finally here in one place. Like many of you on the narrow path, life has taught me to fully embrace the absolute critical value of being in Covenant with the Father, through the work of His Son, and with a full heart, I write.

I've loved to write since I was very young, which is something I got from my mother. As an observant, only child, I often spent time with a notebook and pen. However, being a very private person has made it hard to share my writings publically with others. But given the day in which we live, if there's ever going to be a time to DO or share anything for the Kingdom of YHVH, now is the time. Thank you Rebekah for your encouragement, for prompting me to write, and for nudging me to publicly share with the body.

I believe that we can find meaning and joy anywhere when the heart is properly aligned with Elohim. My hope is that we can wait together with joy for the return of our King and His righteous rule. The wheat awaits its harvest, and the Bride awaits her Groom. Let's connect and grow together with our lamps burning brightly, and share our perspectives together, as that great day of Yeshua's return draws near.

Please do, leave a comment so I can thank you for lingering in this little reading nook; I hope you're blessed by it and are led to comment and subscribe.

Blessings, Love, & Shalom-


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