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👑 Petition Of Prayer- Seeking His Face

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

While meditating on the immense mercy and goodness of Yeshua, I began to pray and was compelled to take it to the keyboard. I hope this will inspire others to pray and seek the Father. The petition of prayer found here is what came forth-

Yeshua, In the council of You only, is my thirst quenched and the hunger of my soul satisfied. Burdened by my own acts of foolishness and failings, I seek to be made clean by Your Holy shed blood. I understand that my sin kept You there on that cross on that historical day at Mount Golgotha. You were born to be the sacrificial Lamb to die for the sins of the world. I honor You with my rising up and my lying down. Let words of thanksgiving be upon my lips before facing the cares of the day. As beautiful and forgiving Your mercies are toward all them that love You, You're also to be feared, for You are Holy in Your all Your judgments. Nothing unholy can stand before You on that great day. We'll stand there; without a sound; nothing between our deeds and nakedness and Your Throne; nothing except a robe of fine white linen; a robe of righteousness if we chose to humble ourselves and keep Your Commandments, live by faith, love, and honor Your Word, and walk in the Law of love.

Let us seek Your face while You are still to be found; before the great famine upon the earth falls. There will be a famine of no “bread of life”, no gospel, no Holy Scriptures to be found… anywhere, lest we be put to death for having Your Word in our possession. Keep Your Word as the meditation of our hearts. Write Your Scriptures and statutes upon our hearts against that evil day that creeps slowly in, unannounced, but deadly to the unprepared soul left destitute and naked in sin. Let us walk in love, yes; but also in fear and trembling. Let us be able to say that we embraced Your Word as absolute Truth. It is only Your truth that will stand when the mountains melt like wax with fervent heat and the stars fall from the sky. Because of Your Truth, those that love You will cleave ONLY to You and know Your voice. Your ferocious wrath will be poured out upon those that walk in pride, stiff-necked and boastful. We see the sword coming and we hear the drumbeat of war growing louder.

Oh, how we have trampled your mercies. We are guilty of every evil thing as a people. Yet Your sweet presence continued to come, washing over the yielded hearts, soothing and revealing the jagged edges of our memories that needed to be let go. Mercilessly memories that cause us pain, at times, grind us into the dust; yet …. your Holy Spirit gently reassures us and eases the aching in our hearts. The blood of You, Yeshua, ran down through the pages of time into eternity and settled upon the mercy seat on our behalf. The power of it continues to wash over our minds, our past, and into the deep places flushing out debris caught and hidden deep within our being. The same power that raised the dead, and healed the sick, frees the captives held by the tentacles of past transgressions, those, whose memories smolder like embers that never quite go out, causing us to remember where You found us and where we came from.

Our ancestors strayed from the narrow path and are guilty of all manner of idolatry, blasphemy, riotous unholy behavior, murmuring, and a shameless spirit of defiant rebellion. Their recompense for such unrepentant wickedness was passed down upon their future generations. When You, Yeshua cried out, “it is finished,” it was a declaration that only the Son of YHVH could make. You alone were the worthy, blameless; the perfect Lamb of Elohim that was slaughtered, mocked, and pierced, blotting out not only my sin but the sins and iniquity of the generations before us for those who repented and turned from their wicked ways.

Tired, we search for a resting place much like the dove seeking sand or a branch to rest on after flying over many waters. We heard Yeshua's voice in our hearts; like an earthquake that split our consciousness, making us capable to see and hear the deeper things with new understanding. No longer do the sins of my past or those of my people come to weigh upon me; the curse is broken. The power of Yeshua’s blood and His Name still sets captives free!

We see the entrapments laid around us, but we that fear Elohim, and call upon Your Name are not appointed unto wrath. My beloved Messiah is Holy, honorable, just, loving, full of grace and righteousness, worthy, and majestic. He is also a mighty King who rules justly and lovingly corrects those He loves, to keep them in the “narrow way,” out of the thorns and thistles that can cause us great distress and pain. YHVH Father, You are the judge of wickedness and You sentence both fallen angels that left their first estate and men. Let us examine the condition of our hearts. Upon invitation, Your Holy Spirit speaks wisdom into our hearts. It is our choice whether or not we listen and heed the gentle voice, or quench the Spirit and deny entry. Solemnly my allegiance is to You, my Adoni, Yeshua. I accept Your presence always and am challenged daily to be worthy to be Your ambassador. Help me to fill my commission with a happy, willing heart and a countenance that speaks without a single word spoken.


“…we are but a vapor, like grass that groweth up and withers, never to be seen again. Therefore seek God while He may still be found.

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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Melody Meachum
Melody Meachum
Jul 30, 2022

Thank you Erica. All the lives lived before us, so we could be here now, during these transitional days means we have a very important role to play wherever we're planted. ❤️ Bless you!!


Erica Ford
Erica Ford
Jul 30, 2022

To be born in a time such as this😌 Humbling. For YHVH to open our eyes and ears to His will and purposes while He is still reachable. This is a beautiful prayer, Melody. Thank you for sharing💖

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