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🏺An Ezekiel Petition Of Prayer

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

PRAYER | An Ezekiel-Inspired Petition

Yeshua, Forgive me for all transgressions, and thank you for writing the importance of your Laws upon my heart; for embracing Your will, and the determination to do it faithfully. You’ve placed a burning fire within me that shall never be quenched. Oh, Yeshua, most assuredly I don’t want to suffer the consequences of the wilderness, or from not seeing the promised land of the New Jerusalem.

As it is written, You will gather us from the nations and bring us to Your Holy mountain where we’ll present you with gifts and offerings; they will be as a sweet savor unto You. No longer will Your Qodesh Name, be defiled among the nations; You have placed a deep desire in us to love righteousness, and reverence your Name. We honor You by DOing Your ways, and not casting them off as our shortsighted, foolish, and irreverent forefathers did. We’re not casting away our inheritance, Your goodness toward us, or Your undeserving mercy, as they did. You have chosen to swear an oath, that if we repent and turn from our wicked ways, you would hear our prayer, and You would heal “our” land.

Bring us back into Your Royal Covenant and into a right relationship with You. Oh, Yeshua surely during this time of sifting where many of your people are consumed with fear and trembling, let not our hearts be troubled. Aware that many will fall by the sword, some by pestilence, some by scarcity and famine, as they did in days of old, let not the anger of Your indignation be kindled against me, but forgive me, and wash every unclean thing away. Remove all iniquity, every transgression- cleanse me by the power of your transformative, precious shed blood that fell to Atone for the sins of mankind, for those who repent, and turn toward You with all their heart.

Yeshua I would not boast in my coming to You, I do not boast of being wise, but I humble myself prostrate and understand that it is by Your hand and Your will, that the oath that You made towards us causes us to be separated and set apart to You. You draw us, You cause us to be convicted and repent, and You allow us to be covered by your loving mercy that will bring us out of the land of evil, and out of our Mitsriym, (Egypt). You have caused us to be a people that has Your laws written upon our heart and a people that esteems your Holy Name, that You have so graciously restored for us in the last days. I'm ashamed of the rebellion, idolatry, and stiff necks of my forefathers. But, in your mercy, in your timeline, you saw fit to give us Your Word to see not only what they did, but how your judgment fell on all of them that turned from you and your ways. I cleave only to Yeshua as my righteousness. I pray that all the days of my life remaining, bear witness of being set apart from the wicked, from the tares, that shall be gathered together and burned. They are bundled unto the wrath of a Holy Elohim whose indignation is against those with a rebellious heart. Set me apart from those who walk in darkness, from those who build their kingdoms upon this earth which shall be torn down, and burnt for all to see that You are Elohim, and in Your just wrath You will not be mocked and that every jot and tittle of Your word shall be fulfilled!

You have drawn us out like buckets of water from a well of iniquity and you have pulled us out of darkness and into the light. Upon the water, we reflect the One that looked beyond the filth, cleaned us up from our abominations and idolatry, and we now reflect Your nature! We reflect the attributes of your goodness and love.

You’ve caused us to love that which is right. You’ve caused us to cleave to, and seek wisdom and understanding. YOU have caused us to despise the works of darkness. Before You, I ask with all my heart that You complete the good work that you began within me, and that my heart will be steadfast in seeking righteousness. Write Your Word upon my heart that I may recall it in due season, and allow me to be a light to others for Your glory and not my own, as doing so defiles the act itself.

Please, never blot me out of the Book Of Life, by allowing me to become lost, deceived, or stray from the path of the narrow way. Lead me into the path of your righteousness for your Namesake. Make all my steps sure, and straight. Shut my ears to the sorceries and to man's abominations. Let me only hear Your Word of Truth. Let not my heart be defiled with idols of convenience or technology, but purge everything that is not of You. Let me not be ashamed and embarrassed before You so one day I will receive a robe of fine, white linen- a robe of righteousness that only those who cleave to You alone with clean hands and pure hearts will receive.

Yeshua, Messiah, our High Priest, that endlessly intercedes for me to the Father, I ask that You take this to the Throne of The Father's court. I pray that as it is written, You would bear witness, and confess me to the Father as I have confessed You before men. Allow no evil to ensnare me, or take my eyes off of the inheritance of the future that Your Word has prophesied, which is Your loving Will for Your people. Plant my feet steadfastly in You, rooted in obedience, and Qodesh in Your sight.

Thank you for the rich deep fountain of Truth that You've led me to, and in all humbleness, I will continue to seek Your Truth and walk in the light of Your Word. I will be grateful for Your tender mercy, seeking continually to be ready for the "call."

In the Holy Name of Yeshua, ha' Mashiach, our High Priest, our Melek Zedik Priest- "The Righteous KING," the only Son of YeHoVaH our Heavenly Father, The Ancient Of Days," I pray and ask all the requests within this petition that bear the supplications of my heart, in Your Holy Name,

- Ahmein

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