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🕯SHAVUOT | Petition Of Prayer

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The ability to communicate to Elohim in prayer is one of the most extraordinary ways to keep our hearts turned toward the most important aspect of life- our relationship with the Father. On Feast days I always have significant prayer time. This is just one I was compelled to place on the keyboard. I hope it blesses others in some way.


Elohim, help me to be a beacon today of your light. Help me to extend grace to those who need the kindness of another chance; to offer encouragement to those who are broken and in despair. To bear a smile of condolence to those who grieve. To give a hand to those who need help. Oh YHVH, our hearts languish and cry out for Your Son, Yeshua. Let Him lift us up and out of this beastly, sin-ridden system of greed, and deception. Our soil is toxic. Our air is no longer clean, and much of our food is tainted with devilish altered genetic material and chemicals. And yet- YET, your grace is always sufficient. We cling to your Torah and pray that You would write Your Word eternally upon our hearts. We need You Oh Eloheim; we can't do this alone. Give us Your guidance and the strength to take the steps required to get through this day victoriously.

Our eyes are washed with new tears for those who are held captive and slaughtered by the hands of evildoers on alters of abominations; an evil generation of slanderers, blasphemers, and idolaters. They scoff and belittle those who You love; Your lambs; Your “called out” ones. We live to reflect Your glory in this dark realm that we cannot escape until You allow Yeshua to come and remove us. Oh, Abba Father You are our “everything”; Your Ben (Son) is our high tower of safety. Remove all iniquity from us and let there be no guile found in our mouth so we are prepared to be received with open arms.

Thank you Father for pitching your tent with us, and cleanse us from any evil that may lurk within the corners of our hearts. You’ve prepared a place for us; out “there,” in a place protected from all harm. A place we can see in our spirit but cannot reach of our own accord. We must be carried to that place of rest, a beautiful place where the light itself is Holy and there's no longing or need unattended; a place of Your shalom and worship for the weary soul. Bathe me in Your presence and indwell me with your Ruah ha Qodesh, for I depend on You entirely to lead me into that everlasting realm where I can worship with family, angels, and saints of old, as we sing Your praises and honor You throughout all of eternity. In Your Holy Name, I ask and pray,


If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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