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🌿PASSOVER | The Cleansing Blood And The Hyssop

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Everywhere, variations of new green life are emerging, replacing the void of gray nothingness on barren branches that weathered a harsh winter. Spring is a sacred time, a time of rebirth and renewal when life spring's forth seemingly against all odds. Long ago, our ancestors also weathered a harsh, brutal time, enduring approx. 80-144 years of bondage to the wicked Egyptians. In the epic story of Moses delivering the message "Let my people go" and all the plagues that ensued due to Pharaoh's hardened heart, YHVH designed it all. The events show His hand of divine design working to bring liberty and freedom to the Israelites. The Father heard their cry to be free, saw their suffering, and specific instructions were given to them. When darkness fell, the death angel came through Egypt to kill the firstborn of both animals and people; unless the blood was applied as instructed, death would surely visit that family. If the blood applied with the hyssop branch was where it was supposed to be, death would "Passover" that dwelling leaving all life safe inside. The hyssop applied blood was prophetic of the Lamb that would come from heaven, whose cleansing blood would be applied to the doorposts of our hearts, saving us too, from judgment and destruction. The instruction to use the traditional ceremonial hyssop branch to apply the blood to the lintel, and the doorpost, is not a detail to miss.

Significant Hyssop- The "Passover" of the dreaded death angel sent by Elohim, preceded the Red Sea "pass-over" from bondage to freedom. Hyssop in those days was widely used and known for helping cleanse the sick, even those suffering from leprosy! When the ultimate sacrifice of Yeshua, as the Lamb of Elohim was made, the strong symbolic use of hyssop reappears as a vinegar-soaked branch lifted to Yeshua's lips at the crucifixion, as a cruel mockery by a Roman soldier when Yeshua uttered the words, "I thirst," John 19:29.

The symbolism that hyssop has denoting purification was perfectly positioned in the account of the first Passover, as well as its use at the cross of crucifixion. In the midst of the horrendous persecution of Yeshua, the sacrificial Lamb was providing a way of sanctification; a "passage" for humanity to pass over from guilt, to pardon. It's up to us to continue the "work of sanctification" as we endure through our unjust persecutions and endure the trials of life. David wrote in Psalms 51:7- “Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean; wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” This astounding complete picture of purification illustrates both the intricacies of YHVH's intention to bring "Israel" a final Holy Lamb and the fulfillment through His only Son Yeshua to make us "clean." The hyssop was there in the beautiful prophetic picture of the first Passover, and yet again, in the symbolic role in the fulfillment of the "cleansing blood" that was shed on Mt. Golgotha. This epic history was designed, so we could pass over from unclean to clean, from guilty to forgiven, and from death to everlasting LIFE! Because of this, I have decided to try to obtain a branch of hyssop to use as a talking point for my observance of every Passover Feast.

Like our ancestors, we continue to pray prayers of lamentation, weeping for the bondage we were born into, being assigned a birth certificate number, a SS number, and "registered" like cattle to this corrupt Babylonian system. The more we come to love and walk in righteousness, the more we long to be free from the clutches of corrupt, worldly systems that kill, steal, and destroy with granted impunity. We know we're living in a tumultuous, volatile time of danger and transition. I long to witness Yeshua's coming Kingdom, but the prophesied repeat of earthly tragedies must happen first. This apostate generation can expect war, plagues of pestilence, famine, and death. Once again the separation of people must happen, and many believe we've already entered a time of serious "sifting."

If we're genuinely preparing ourselves for His return, we've taken steps to "Exodus," the Babylonian cesspools of social media, lukewarm half-truth denominations, and the traditions of men that polluted The Father's Holy Days and turned them into "holi-days." By choosing change, we're applying the blood of the Lamb to the doorposts of our lives. The blood MUST remain visible in our choices and actions. How we spend our time, and where we devote our attention and treasure, bears witness to the application of the blood to our hearts (because these things reflect our desires) and minds. The blood should be easily observed in our speech, the environment of our dwellings, and in our innermost private thoughts. The Lamb's blood is evident by our keeping of YHVH'S Commandments, Appointed Times, and is evidenced with the circumcision of our hearts; the transformed "new creature" as 2 Corinthians 5:17 states; a new Spirit-led man, as opposed to the dark forces of a flesh driven life, that's never truly satisfied or fulfilled.

The destruction and death described in Revelation and Daniel are part of the Passover process for our time. We'll "Passover" what we were born into, and be delivered into everlasting joy, communion, and have dominion with Yeshua as King of kings, OR, into everlasting shame, and contempt (Daniel 12:2). Every Passover season, we're to remember the seriousness of the season, follow His instructions to the letter and expect our time of Passover to come as well, when once again, the cleansing blood of the Lamb will make ALL the difference.

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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