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🌊PASSOVER | Awaiting Our Exodus

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Passover is a sacred time of year, a time of fresh renewal and life. From the new offspring of adorable baby animals to new growth on the anxiously awaiting plants and trees that weathered a cold, brutal winter, it seems everything is happy for the gift of, "newness.

Spring, is also an "appointed time"of remembrance" for the believer. Our Israeli ancestors endured a long and arduous time of slavery and bondage under the rule of the Pharaohs of Egypt. The epic story of Moses meeting with Elohim on the mountain top and emerging with the 10 Laws (Commandments) are "Laws" for the morality of mankind to this very day, as they are obviously eternal and easily understood.

As stated in the scriptures, we know the events that followed the Red Sea splitting, the Israelites crossing over, and Pharaoh's chariots of war meeting their watery demise by drowning. The "pass over" from bondage to freedom was preceded by specific instructions by YHVH to apply the blood of a lamb to the doorpost, so the Death angel wouldn't visit the home that was "marked."

s YHVH's people, we learn to listen closer, pray harder and follow His specific directions to the letter. YHVH'S instructions are not left to fuzzy interpretation. His instructions are concise and clear, so are the blessings and curses (self-inflicted consequences) of NOT following His directives. The more we come to love and walk in righteousness, the more we long to be free from unrighteous man-made laws and rulings, making true justice exceptionally hard to find, and hard to bear.

Yeshua's Kingdom will come as a result of EVERY system we've ever known, to be first centralized into a one-world system that will track and monitor everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we buy. Recent academic reports boasts of the capabilities of technology (that now exists) to monitor human thoughts, often referred to as the "hive mind," (there's plenty of available articles on this with a simple google search.) Yeshua, the righteous King will return as His Word states, and He will destroy it all! His Kingdom will be for a thousand years (millennial reign); we are obviously living in the transformative years of breakdown and the rise of a world system that has no place for believers that refuse to bend the knee to thier evil ideals and rhetoric.

I long to see Yeshua's Kingdom arrive, but a repeat of planetary tragedies must happen first. We know we're living in a very volatile time of transition. If we are genuinely following the voice of the Ruach ha Qodesh, we have taken steps to exodus the Babylonian social media platforms, lukewarm denominations, and the muddy traditions of men, that have polluted Holy-days and now referred to as, "holi-days;" the perversions of Truth are massive. The mixture of the Holy and profane that has been dolled out to the world for retail gain and to divert our attention from the work of our Father and His only Son is tightly wrapped in the traditions that true followers of Christ, were NEVER meant to engage in, once the Truth of them is unwrapped, and unveiled. The CHOICE that awaits believers at this crossroad is crucial. That choice- to take up our cross, and follow Him, to follow Truth, Or opting to succumb to the pressures of the world to not rock the perverbial boat and go along to get along, is a position that bears eternal accountability once we've been presented the facts of the pagen origins of many of our cultural traditions.

We will one day (as prophesied) "Passover" the world as we have experienced it. When Yeshua returns as King of kings (not the lowly Lamb as before), He will deliver His people into everlasting joy and dominion with righteous rule, and HIS WAYS will be honored by all. Others will pass over also, but their fate is much different. They'll be cast into eternal shame and damnation, where there's weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, because they rejected the Truth and were given over to their iniquity, to believe a lie; deceived by the doctrines of men and demons.

The seriousness of the season in which we live, (like ancient Israel) requires that we must follow His instructions to the letter and expect our time of Passover to come once again as we see the evil Pharaohs of our time plotting, and planning snares for the uncompliant people who choose to belong to the Most High Father, YHVH. Whether it be our departure accompanied by our guardian angels, or death that follows the riders of the Apocalypse found in Revelation, Yeshua and the eternal Word of Truth will NOT forsake us.

Be vigilant not to consume the unleavened bread of sinful desires and this evil age's petty, unfruitful distractions. It's imperative to be tuned in to the Father and His Ruach (Spirit) daily. Intently, we should be leaning in to hear His voice continually. Yeshua's Bride is expecting her departure; unlike the unbeliever, when that day overtakes them as a snare.

Like the watchman in the twilight hour, we watch as our Passover too will surely come. The prophets spoke of the final generation with great wonderment. As war breaks out, we see yet another milestone for the last generation reached. Our Red Sea moment and eternal deliverance draws ever closer ny the day. But we will crossover rejoicing and giving glory to the Way-maker, the Covenant keeper, THE True and Faithful "King of kings" our Messiah and Saviour, the Hebrew, the Nazerene, Yeshua Ha' Mashiack! There is none l8ke Hom. Only He, is worthy to open the seals of time, execute judgement, and return for what is rightfully His. He, no one else paid the price for the deed in His own blood, and Resurrection! No one else sits at the right hand of the Father as the only begotten Son.

Passover is not only history, but also a prophetic forthcoming event that will be just as epic! The long-anticipated beginning of our eternity lived with our righteous King, and our Kingdom family, will be our "Promised Land" and it will be worth every step, and every moment spent on that narrow path to obtain it, and to be called HIS Family! HalleluYAH!

"Blessed are they who have believed and not seen."

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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