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🛐 One Appropriate Prayer For The Rebellious Soul

Updated: Aug 1

The stubborn, rebellious, uncircumcised heart, the out-of-covenant individuals, often called the "lost," have but one single need. There's only one relevant prayer that would change their life, which is their submission, obedience, and repentance to YeHoVah (the Father) through Yeshua, His Son. No other need matters until this prerequisite is met BY the individual being prayed for. 

I can sachet through any store and fill my cart with what I want. I can act like it's already mine. But I can't HAVE ANYTHING in my cart until it's PAID FOR. In a spiritual sense, people aren't entitled to the provision of any kind from a Holy Elohim unless they have clean hands, and a pure heart, through repentance and obedience. We can't grab a spiritual shopping cart, reach the checkout, and say, "This is for ____."  

Elohim said no one would sit at His table without a PROPER GARMENT ON. We can't speak for those that want a pass because they're in a precarious spot. We can't say, "It's ok; they're with me." It's not our table or our venue. There's a price we've all paid to have a seat at the Father's table. We must come under His authority to be under His covering.

My single prayer for the uncommitted, uncircumcised, rebellious individual(s) in my own family is, "Give them an experience that turns their heart toward You; cause them to be humbled enough to choose the path of Life that Yeshua offers." 

The wages of sin is death, but the gift of Elohim is eternal life. No amount of prayer can change this eternal principle.

We make our petitions known before the Throne of a Holy Elohim. We respect the immense honor of doing so by humbling ourselves first, by confessing our sins to Yeshua, and by being made clean in His Atoning blood. It's the deciding factor as to whether or not we have met the "qualification" to ask for anything in prayer. 

We ask (pray) as a Son or Daughter of our Heavenly Father, AFTER confession and repentance. Yeshua pays the price of entry (His death, burial, and resurrection), but we first must ACCEPT the seriousness of our sin and repent; THEN, we obtain the right to call YeHoVaH "Father" and make our petitions known." 

If this resonates with you, please leave a comment so I can know you were here. I love to hear your perspectives too.


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