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👩‍👦Children Of The Remnant

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Overnight, even the most petite woman will grow fearless and fight every Goliath for her children. Each woman is part of the grander picture, part of a bigger story. The women of Teshuvah (repentance) share a common thread. Each woman keeps her eyes on the "Great Sheppard" for direction. We seek His face and not His hand; we also seek His way and not our own. We each stand steadfast even when others don't agree. We each have learned to make hard choices for the right reason(s). But many of us did so because the most valuable, extraordinary miracles were gifted to us; YeHoVaH gave us children.

The most epic event that split time in two was the birth of a child called Yeshua. The evidence of His life is commonly referred to as B.C. "Before Christ." As a woman, "B.C." could also take on a more personal significance to represent our life "before children." Little ones become that dividing line in life. We stop living for ourselves and live for a purpose bigger than we were alone. Children have a way of changing our mentality, emotional maturity, spiritual resolve, and our bodies. We are individual pages of a much bigger book of determined, dedicated women before us. We have read about and lived the cycle of faith, prayers, tears, and triumph, but there's no smooth passage, and soft landing promised to any of us. In fact, Yeshua said, "take up your cross and follow me."

With a newly focused purpose, we, as women of faith, in each generation, seek to walk His narrow path because we clearly understand the monumental task of raising Godly children, often against all the odds. Doing so becomes our defining life's mission because we want our children (and grandchildren) to inherit the everlasting blessings of YaHoVaH. As for me, I can tell you that I never felt genuinely "special" until I became a mother. The responsibility gave me purpose and a reason worthy of snapping out of my youthful selfishness. Once my little one was born, I strived to be worthy of her. From the on-set, her future was committed to the Heavenly Father as an infant. I could hear my mother's voice quoting Psalm 37:4 "Delight thy self in the Adone, and He will give thee the desires of your heart." My desire, my heart, was to have my daughter grow to honor Elohim in her life, so she could experience real joy and not become ensnared by the multitude of deceptive traps that the world incessantly serves up on a silver platter. As our children grow, we soon realize our prayer life is vitally crucial. Our universe gets rearranged when we recognize that we are an extension of YHVH's presence everywhere we go and to everyone we meet. When we grasp that our reputation reflects onto our children, we live life more carefully.

At a time like none other, the scattered sheep are being gathered together. Israel is finding her way home, and despite the enemy's attempts, our children are growing into beautiful instruments of faith, writing their pages in this larger epic story. One of the most important jobs on earth, especially now, is being a mother. Our littlest ones traverse onward, holding the priceless, sweet flowers of faith and bearing the ring of promise worn by previous generations of Israel before us. Never let them give up on miracles or be content to be just casual, biblical grazers. I would say to our children, "walk confidently, knowing that you are loved and valuable beyond measure; the way is straight and very narrow; never stray from it. Know that the light for your path shines forth, from a Throne where prayers are gathered like little birds, singing and waiting, never forgotten, waiting to celebrate your story and your joyful arrival home."

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