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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Coming to the knowledge of the Father’s Feasts isn't something we can take any credit for. We simply came to the knowledge because we are drawn to that knowledge by His Holy Spirit, the Ruach haQodesh. It took me about three to four years to actually go from being interested in the Feast, to making sure that they were in fact Biblical, and relevant to me in this day and time. Next, was trying to understand the “how” part of keeping of His Feasts and what “all that” entails. Teshuvah Ministries was invaluable for teachings and insights offered to help understand the Moadim. The website is It is a treasure trove for those seeking understanding.

I felt like a little child with so much to learn and the enormity of it all, and frankly it was a little overwhelming; but I continued to give every Feast my attention as they came around on the calendar cycle, and continued to build, piece by piece, concept by concept, layer by layer, a clearer picture and a better understanding as to why we keep the Feasts the way we do. By using Biblical references, it’s CLEAR to see what to do, and how to do it, but what was not clear is why these things have been kept from us in our western culture. We’re where we are in our understanding of the Father’s Feasts because He ordained it to be that way.

These Truths were to be revealed and restored at a certain point in history, within a certain timeline of events as a counter to the evil darkness that the world is experiencing in the end days. It’s a way our loving Heavenly Father designed for us to stay connected, and centered on righteousness, and to truly be able to worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH, the way He wants us to. Therefore, keeping Elohim’s Feasts becomes our desire and one of our greatest pleasures. We’re honoring Him, and in doing so we’re a living testimony by our actions of His ways and rejection of flawed inherited traditions. If we still have little ones at home we’re teaching the next generation the grandeur, majesty, and the sovereignty, of our Creator, which is a reasonable expectation from a people who calls Him, "Father." As a member of the "family" of Elohim, I will observe His appointed cycle of Feasts with others, or alone, but I will joyfully be counted, "present," shofar and all!

Everything within us shouts, NO!! to the Feasts once we realize they are counter to our culture and the way the world, and the denominations has dictated to us since childhood. Our culture or His? Our way or His? "But the children enjoy it so much," children embrace and enjoy what they're taught. Any heart that truly wants to worship in Spirit and in Truth must reject the cultural lies.

These are all convictions we are drawn and compelled to by the power the Holy Spirit. But FIRST, we INVITE the Spirit of the Most-High, the Spirit of TRUTH to make the Truth known to us, because we do not want to be deceived. If we truly trust that prayer, the Truth will be made known to our hearts and it is the same experience, the same prayer and desire of every "set-apart" believer. "His ways are NOT our ways." We ultimately yield to that fact and proceed or reject that statement and proceed with our way. I am completely compelled to DO and observe His Holy days, His way and experience the beautiful, centuries old traditions of passing down the events that shape the epic story of Redemption and the blessed hope that His Feasts hold for our future.

you're being drawn and compelled to look harder at what is, and look deeper into His Feasts, that alone is evidence that the Holy Spirit is pulling on the heart and mind to seek Truth. The question is- will we go, where the Spirit leads; will we humble ourselves and admit that true relationship is being in one accord. I can say that the world is definitely NOT is one accord with the Father which is why there's over 3,000 different denominations. There's only one Truth, and that's why it's called, "The Narrow Way," and few there be that find it. The purpose of life is to find it, and then be a light that burns brightly, encouraging others and to be vessels of Truth for our King.

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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Erica Ford
Erica Ford

I’m so thankful to discover the Moedim of YeHoVaH. Every year there is a new discovery about the Covenant Family and the personal spiritual growth. Love💝

Melody Meachum
Melody Meachum

Thank you for your comment Erica. I agree. The new insights that come with each cycle reminds me of the growth rings of a tree. It's a marvelous process.

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