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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

To some degree or another, we share the common experience of laboring in exhausting, fruitless conversations with family members, trying to unpack WHY, Truth, and righteousness matter. Truth is divisive. Discussing the "cup of tradition" is a stronghold that causes many families to fracture. The pagan practices pollute traditional secular holidays and become like a "cement" in the brain, causing blindness and hearts to become hard, virtually impenetrable by Truth. The deception that we're supposed to gladly wallow in, with all the shiny glittery, and lavish extravaganzas, pours the elixir of fraud into the children from birth. Little ones inundated with the holiday racket, enticed to embrace the beguiling whispers of "tradition," are taught to love a lie from birth. It's been my experience that the Truth most always brings a battle. Tradition is one of the biggest battles that awaits the dedicated followers of Yeshua.

YeHoVah leads us to biblical Torah truths hidden behind the religious cladding of denominationalism. Many of us have been led to discover the Appointed times, after years, of being compelled to follow our hearts and search these things out. Excited to share our newly found nuggets of Truth, we begin to joyfully enlighten and unravel centuries-old lies to those who weren't searching to begin with. Met with stunned expressions and mouths gaped open in disbelief, we want to crack open the "rock of tradition," thinking that light will flood in, forgetting this rock can only chip away from the edges, bit-by-bit, just as it was with us, over time.

The longing to share Truth with loved ones in our own families often ignites a continual uneasiness in the relationship from then on. Home and family can start to resemble a birdcage, where acceptance, unity, and "peace at any cost" begin to "virtue signal" the happy little sparrow of Truth, shew it away into the corner like an intimidated child and told to sit down and shut up. But birds will always sing, even under a sheeted cage, a room away with the door closed. Like the sparrow, we, too, derive joy from using our voice to communicate in Truth because this is our design. For Israel, there is no other way to communicate other than truthfully.

The attribute of Truth is loyalty; because it never abandons us. We may leave Truth, but Truth stands whether we do or not. Truth is eternal; it doesn't change regardless of culture or the sneaky guise of a silky word like "progressive." Truth allows for only two outcomes; either conviction that leads to repentance or rejection that leads to judgment. People that don't regard Truth see no reason to die for it. People who would die for the Truth see no reason to live without it; this has become the ROOT of the division we see in the world. ISRAEL is married to Truth; therefore, there is no "co-exist for Israel." There is no compromise. The Feasts of YeHoVaH have been rediscovered and restored despite having biblical truths hidden by the deceptions of historical snakes, rabbinical religious snobbery, and Pharisees that know the Truth and are determined to keep others from finding it. When we celebrate the Fall Feasts, we have essentially wedded ourselves to the Truth (Yeshua) by the doing / observance. Our Feast participation says, "I accept You, and all You stand for, and your Royal Kingdom culture."

For a moment, imagine what it must have sounded like to hear perhaps thousands of shofar blasts announcing the observance of the Sabbath and the Moadim; hearing the echoes roll across the layers of mountains and blanket the surrounding fields and echo in the cities. That same sound during the Feast periods for our generation heralds a personal acceptance and a public acknowledgment of YaHoVaH's Truth. It's an unmistakable sound that testifies we are present for our appointment made over 2000 years ago by the Father. It shouts, "YES! The great Coronation of our High Priest Yeshua, the Nazarene, as THE KING of Kings is near!" Consider the roar over the breadth of the Kingdom, as saints from every nation are shouting in applause as they see with their own eyes Yeshua's entrance into the Holy City of New Jerusalem and beholding the Crowning Ceremony of the KING of kings! The shofar evokes joy and reverence beyond anything we can express. It becomes apparent that a day so utterly magnificent in its grandeur exhausts our attempts to describe such a scene. Our words seem feeble and demonstrate just how painfully inadequate we are in our limitations of language.

Sounding the shofar signals that His remnant knows who they are and that Truth is not ashamed! The shofar says Israel is keenly aware of the season she's in, and she watches faithfully for her Bridegroom! It also signals that YeHoVaH's impending judgment still is right on schedule. I'm confident the Truth of that shofar blast rattles the nerves of inter-dimensional demons all over the universe. No doubt there are some in hearing distance clutched by the sound and hear with their heart. Though the casual hearers of the shofar can't put words to it, some are bound to recognize that something inside calls them to awaken! Last Spring, someone locally posted in an online forum, "who's on Main St. blowing a shofar!?! It sounds like Gandalf calling for reinforcements." I couldn't help but laugh. Although the sound was un-nerving to the 2020 ear, the shofar blast was a primal sound that shocks the senses and causes the heart to skip a beat. I know there's profound power in the sound of the shofar in my heart. It's an undeniable signal that we are watching, waiting, lamps ablaze, and not looking back! The shofar proclaims eternal Truth, announcing to all humanity, demons, and angels, "the Israelites have assembled once more, and are prepared for the great snatching away! Beware and Repent! Her KING comes with rescue in one hand and destruction in the other! Now is the time for every discerning watchman to STAY on the roof, be on high alert, shofar at the ready, and wide awake! Like a fire alarm to those who hear with their heart, we know to be prepared and watch as we sense His closeness! May he find us all listening for the last trumpet of promise, our affairs in order, ready to leave, in a moment- and the twinkling of an eye.

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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