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🚪SUKKOT | My Early Sukkah Guest

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

My Sukka went up this year, and knowing I would spend a lot of time there, I wanted it to be a pleasure for the King, and me as well. With these thoughts stirring in mind, I had hung two walls with fabric panels, then the third. I stepped back to gauge if the fabric draped evenly when a mighty wave swept over me. Instantly, I was in massive tears as this wailing of emotion poured forth; unable to hold it back, I covered my mouth, and simultaneously my legs went weak beneath me. I had to stop, fall to my knees, and worship the King of kings, right there, right then. This intense "presence" lasted, I think, for around 10 mins, with a lingering after-glow of communing with the Ruach ha Qodesh.

Afterward, my big plans for finishing my Sukka had to be delayed until a couple of hours later. The intense weeping had drained me of all my energy, and sleepiness sat in; my eyes were so heavy. I had to process what had just happened and totally re-group with a nap! I felt as if the very King I was preparing for had walked in, and I was utterly surprised and unprepared for His presence! I felt like my guest came for dinner an hour early before I had a chance to shower, change, and light a candle! I thought I would have plenty of time to light my candle, plug in my twinkly micro- lights and wear the white linen outfit I wanted to wear for the special first day of Sukkot. It was so hot and humid that day after three days of rain, and I felt I was in no shape to receive "company." These “ideas” of what I thought it took to be "ready" became my first Sukkot lesson for 2021.

I've seen Sukka's on balconies, in homes, greenhouses, arbors, and even set up on the bed of a pick-up truck. It doesn't matter if your best is a tarp, flashlight, and paper plates. The willingness to be obedient takes many different forms depending on our circumstances, but obediently showing up demonstrates our love and respect for HIS appointed times. I was expecting a friend and her husband to come, but that's not what happened. My husband thought I was nuts for hobbling around with back pain putting my Sukka together. By the end of Sukkot, he said, "keep it up honey, it's your belief and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks." STOP THE PRESSES, Say What!?! My physical state and aloneness didn't hinder my determination to make the Fall Feast happen. My actions have been a witness to my husband, and he's beginning to take notice. Rebekah of Teshuvah Ministries has taught women to be responsible Ezer Kenegdo's in their own homes, which in time, can win others over to joining us for YHVH's Feasts times. Drawing them in with the beauty and attention that we execute for the Moadim is our "job." Doing this is finally beginning to show some promise in my own home. I'm continually learning new aspects of the Feasts and will continue to do the best with what I have to be found a happy heart for the week long celebration.

The Take-Away:

HE REWARDS THE POSTURE OF THE HEART- The hearts' intention that leads to our actions of obedience is where the tabernacle is. We can and should expect the Ruach ha Qodesh to show up when our motivation is pleasing Him first. My idea of being "ready" was not at all even relevant. The posture of my heart that led to putting Him first and doing my best for Him was the beacon that drew heaven's presence. My experience taught me that the Spirit realm is unconcerned with the candle, the shower & the fresh, clean outfit. I later did all these things, but they were not "required" for the Ruach's presence; my idea of what was “just right” didn't matter.

*WELCOME- Welcoming the opportunity to tabernacle with Yeshua, to make HIM feel welcome above all, to me, was the most significant objective for my Sukka. The desire to please HIM was my motivation for every item chosen to be in my Sukka. Though temporary, to me, it still warranted the beauty and honor that was in my power to give and execute for Him, to His glory. My Sukka was to celebrate with others, but more importantly, lift Him and give Him the honor He is due.

*HIS TEMPLE, HIS BODY- I better understand the Temple I've called "my" body. It is not my body anymore; it is His. Keeping HIS body "Messiah-centered" so He feels continually welcomed is the state of how I want to keep this temporary dwelling of flesh. I thought I did so before but, I will be much more vigilant after this amazing experience. Every thought, emotion, and word should be rooted in YHVH's standard (Word); YHVH gave mankind His best with Yeshua, and I should gladly, always, to the best of my ability, give Him my best as well, both in deed and in thought. While my beloved is away, I will maintain with expectancy a tabernacle He always can abide within, with the help of His Ruach.

In these last days, the necessity to be in harmony with Elohim is vital. If you were alone in the Feasts, don't lose heart; someone is always watching your dedication and taking notice. And, I can vouch that when the Ruach is invited and welcomed by our best effort, she comes with gifts that could very possibly drop you to your knees and leave you incredibly blessed and stunned all at the same time, ready or not!

If you've enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and let me know you were here. I'd love to hear your perspective as well. - Shalom

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