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🕊How Do We Want To Be Remembered

Updated: Mar 15

It's a loaded question that's seldom given the thought it deserves while it's in our possession to steer. Do we want to be remembered as a Bride that’s WORTHY of her coming Groom; one that sat at the window packed, and ready to go- willing to travel light? Did we wear the commitment of our hearts in a way that’s evident to anyone looking, anyone listening to our words? Do we show we belong to the King in our speech? Are we a worthy, steadfast, & determined Bride that keeps her boots laced-up under her dress because she’s willing to STAND & she’s willing to RUN the race? Or is she still wearing her cushy bedroom shoes? Or, does the Bride appear sad, lonely, like a pathetic little girl whining because she’s tired of waiting (as I have been guilty of at times)? These are the traits others are taking notice of- weak, or strong. For now, the wheat and the tares are still growing together. “Growing” means that each is maturing in what they are! One of the big differences between wheat and tares is that wheat will bow its head, while tares stand straight-up and NEVER bow down. Elohim will decide WHEN to separate the wheat from the tares. But for now, we are to GROW together, MATURING and being firm in what we ARE. If we appear to be depressed, confused, hurt, or weak, HOW will our families EVER want anything to do with our beliefs? WHY would they want to give themselves to a “God” that leaves us in a perpetual state of weakness? We must be very CAREFUL in HOW WE APPEAR in front of the world, and our families these days!! While we’re building our "Ark" to rise above the filth of the world, those around us can either decide to build WITH us, or add sandbags to their ankles & SINK even deeper. Get “tunnel-vision,” FOCUS on your footing and path. We’re all determining everyday whether we're rising or sinking, by our choices and our words. We are living our testimony. We’re not arrogant, but we’re firm. We’re not the compromising, we are the standard bearers and the Covenant keepers. We are to CLAIM OUR TERRITORY! Make proclamations worthy of being made; “I WILL keep the Commandments, I WILL keep His Holy days, I WILL live & I WILL die following His instructions!! ProCLAIM IT- to anyone with ears, ESPICIALLY those that challenge us!! Turn a blind eye, and shut your ears to their criticism. Choose NOT to LET it hurt you- put on your boots and MARCH FORWARD! If we LET the enemy tear down our countenance, we have no one to BLAME but ourselves. Reactions of responding depressed, pouting, or bitter, only shows we haven’t spent enough time in prayer, or in His Word becoming STRONG and confident in who HE is. Yeshua didn't respond that way. He shrugged it off, and kept moving. Yeshua said that He was sending US as "sheep among wolves." But STILL, by spending time meditating on His Word, we are also to be OVERCOMERS! If there's a disconnect there let's look hard to rectify it! Instead of being hurt & feeling sorry for ourselves, TURN that energy into DOUBLING-DOWN!! Be twice as determined, twice as committed, twice as much joy, twice as much prayer, twice as much Shalom, and BE THE SOLDIER we are called to be, and when attacked, USE your sword, which is the Word of YHVH! Leave them scratching their head and don't apologize for it! I encourage all my sisters to get resolute, even "militant" about this walk. The Armor of Yah is NECESSARY. Only warriors need Armor. Warriors fight, and they fight HARD. If they are strong, they win. If for any reason we don’t feel strong, use the next year to emerge MIGHTY! GROW with the tares, without hybridizing! Dig in, & BE that STRONG shaft of light, & not a flickering lightening bug, hard to follow & barely visible. Sometimes it's necessary to just shut down all the open tabs in our life and return better, stronger, and ready to ACCEPT any challenge, because we don’t run, or hide, or care what others think- we are the "standard bearers" of Elohim- moving forward by His grace to FULLFILL our commission, our calling, to BE an overcomer in ALL THINGS, and to RISE to the occasion . I want to be remembered as an encourager, one that said necessary things, relevant things, statements of value, that YeHoVaH would be pleased with. A voice among many others that was used to edify the body. DO great exploits for an Elohim WORTHY of our best efforts; and BE everything He's designed us to be, for His glory; ready, and WILLING to use our gifts, insights and talents at EVERY door that's opened to us. Opportunities to DO are disappearing, as time is ever-slipping away slowly, into eternity. These are the days to raise the voice of righteousness! BOW ONLY to who you serve: -Bethroed -Obedient -Willing B.O.W. = To worship

Check out James Nesbit's website. He's an incredible artist with phenomenal artwork for believers of Yeshua and Elohim.

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