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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Have you noticed that having a love for the Truth causes a growing intolerance of twisted definitions, nonsensical word-salads, and blatant lies? Even the redefinition of words doesn't change the Truth of how they're TRULY defined. Our language and culture has been vandalized and subsequently weaponized to be a snare. I've noticed that the world is all about UNITY as long as we unify to promote toxic ideas that cause division, war, & strife; they call it "party politics." The only party here is the enemy's two heads of the same lying snake! Traditional western churches have (many unknowingly) cultivated the lies of our spoon-fed false history to multitudes of unsuspecting "followers of tradition" and Israel (of the last days) is ripping the falsehoods out by the roots!

The world doesn't get to decide what is worthy of, "unity" OR what TRUTH is! Unity IN Truth is all that matters; the rest is just the clamor of garbage trucks. Unity in Elohim exists so we can leave Egypt and be free from Babylon's deceit, and not suffer her fate. How incredible to see Israel (followers of Yeshua) waking up from among the nations, clinging to Elohim saying ️THIS is our "CHOICE!" THE TRUTH OF YHVH AND HIS WAYS, NOT YOUR COUNTERFEITS- no more, we're done! The "trans"-continental train of deception has many counterfeit cars decked out in 24k luxury, featuring "fun-filled" adventure pkgs. and absolutely full of deceived occupants sitting shoulder to shoulder enjoying the view, on the way to their own demise.

The vast majority have not a love or desire of the Truth. As prophesied, love has waxed cold for those that DO love and insist on Truth. Many have a "shortness of spirit" (ref. Ex. 6:9), refusing to listen, much less yield to Truth over the "traditions of men" rooted in ancient, historically documented, pagan rituals i.e. C'mas & Easter! Since Moshe came down from Mt. Sinai with two stone tablets, those who keep the Torah are called "Israelites" to this day. It sheds new light on the words, "I was lost" (lawless) & now "I'm found" (a law-keeper | Torah keeper). However, there was another group present there among the mixed multiture there at Sinai. There were those that took the path of their own choosing and were struck down, in front of that same mountain from which the Law came, and left there, dead in the desert, all 3,000 dissenters that insisted on their own (lawless) way. The Father wanted to be their "God" and bless them, but many there were guilty of idolatry, because "Egypt" was still IN them. While the very words, "Thou shall not have any other gods before me," were being given on the mountain top, the same people that witnessed and experienced the parting of the Red Sea for their deliverance were simultaneously making a golden calf idol and dancing around it!

When asked what I'm "saved" from, I say, "from my own lawless stupidity of transgressing myself, others. and my Maker." "Saved" to most "church" people is a ticket to heaven on a train propelled by simply believing, confessing and NOT *doing" as a result of TURNING (repentance) in the opposite direction. This mindset has left many vulnerable to accepting that ANYTHING people believe and confess, right down to the contemporary transgender lie, is ok with a Holy Creator. Anyone can believe they're "whatever" and confess it, and our wicked lawmakers morph immorality, and mental delusions in to lawful behavior, while labeling Truth, "hate-speech."

If I wake up tomorrow believing and confessing I'm a Volkswagen, a bird, or whatever..., I'd be labeled mentally ill! On top of that, I might want surgery to make my body conform to the lie, and YOU should pay for it with higher health premiums, and higher taxes! We're told to "respect" the "choice of delusion" and redefine it as the new "normal"?! Yet, I confess YESHUA as my Messiah over the counterfeit idols and many practically unzip and come out of their skin! Others refuse to respect MY freedom of choice as an "Israelite-" most of which are actually "church" people; double-standard pure and simple, not to mention double-minded! Has the love of the Truth waxed cold in what's left of the Christian church? The half-baked lies of C'mas trees and fertility rituals are breaking down, and this Israelite is fed-up, and standing up with righteous indignation, in TRUTH. The Holy Days over holidays is Truth for those who still hold Truth to be the only standard that will stand the test of our righteous judge. I refuse to be found guilty of not having a love for the Truth.

Yeshua was a dissenter, divider, and labeled "a threat" to those in power. The two ruling camps, religious Pharisees, and the political seats of Rome, felt Yeshua had to be silenced. Nothing has changed as the followers of Yeshua can attest to. The hirelings leading the church congregations that dare not speak Truth lest offending the tithers, and the politically ambitious are STILL guilty of the same shenanigan's. The directive to "take up your cross and follow Me" is not for the faint of heart, but it does determine whose "all in" and who isn't. Truth-lovers and willing compromisers will have very different eternal outcomes. The Spirit of Wisdom repeatedly says, "choose wisely."

John 17:16-18- 16- They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world. 17- Sanctify them by the Truth; Your Word is Truth. 18- As You sent Me into the world, I have also sent them into the world...

Thank Elohim for the Truth

of Your Word!

Truth Is Eternal
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