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Updated: Mar 15

In the Purim story, we read where Esther inquires what to wear when approaching the King. As women we're familiar with the phrase, “Say YES To The Dress.” The analogies that Purim holds are abundant; the majority of which are so fittingly appropriate for the days we live in. We too face an evil plot, we too are aware of it and can see the day approaching. Along with a period of fasting, we also seek direction from intensive prayer and have steadfastly, and courageously concluded, that if we perish, we perish. In this beautiful story of danger and deliverance, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

As Rebekah from Teshuvah Ministries points out in her Purim teachings, the shoulders HOLD the dress onto the body. These shoulders of love, that the rest of The Royal Law hang on are two-fold; to love our Elohim with All our heart, mind, and soul, and the second, is to love our neighbor as ourselves. The rest of The Law hangs on these two. A wedding dress hanging on the shoulders of a bride compromised by a rebellious attitude, shamelessly devoid of any dignity, clinging to the altar of her self-centered ego, is very disturbing.

Father is looking for people who hold their shoulders (the Laws of Love) up. He’s looking for humble people that are humble enough to say, “Elohim, King of The Universe, dress me in such a way that You are pleased,” as Esther did. “Bestow Your garment of praise, and iron out every spot and wrinkle. Adorn me with Your light of Truth, and place Your pearls of Wisdom around my neck.”

As we move forward, approaching the day that we’re called to be with our Bridegroom Yeshua, remember that we belong to Yeshua because the Father said we were HIS to give; *JOHN 17:6- I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they, kept thy word.

The Father always gives away the Bride. Elohim, our Father, is now preparing us to be ready to be presented, as a present, wrapped in robes of righteousness for His only begotten Son. Until that great day, we fight by the Spirit and consult the Ruach HaKodesh to tell us the best approach to take in battle, just as Esther did.

We’re choosing daily what dress we’ll be found wearing when our Adoni, Messiah, comes for us. And we, like Esther, after having done all we can do, having made our best effort, will yield ourselves to The King.

Until we can trade our battle armor for a robe of righteousness, our hearts are being prepared to please The King. Having experienced the world and wading through the lies, distractions, filth, and having paid the separation price, we wait for the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. That Heavenly divine appointment when we’ll together share the Covenant of Love throughout all eternity. Yes, Father Elohim, we wholeheartedly say, “Yes” to the dress.

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